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Analog Cyclic timer for Water Pump Motor

Brand: RMG
Product Code: ACT-MP
Availability: In Stock
Rs. 1,199

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Analog Cyclic timer


Analog Cyclic timer is used to switch ON & OFF the electrical devices at particular equal or unequal time duration. There are two Rotary switches is provided to set ON & OFF time and it is adjustable from approximately 1 minutes to 5 hours. Widely used for Hydroponic Systems, Fogger Systems, Irrigation, Lawn sprinkler, drip house, Motor Pumps, intelligent control of lighting equipment, fish aquarium, street lamps, garden lights decorative lighting, hoarding lighting, glow sign board and outdoor lighting, neon signs, household electrical appliances etc

Product Description:

  • Power ON/OFF switch: This switch is provided at the right lower corner to switch ON or switch OFF the Timer unit.
  • Power ON LED: It indicates the power supply to the unit.
  • ON TIME LED: It indicates the electrical device which is connected to timer relay is in ON.
  • OFF TIME LED: It indicates the electrical device which is connected to timer relay is in OFF.
  • ON/OFF TIME Rotary Switch: Provided to select an ON and OFF time.
  • Time ranges: From 1 minutes to 5 hours.

Salient Features:

  • Single ON & Single OFF Program for unlimated Days.(24*7*365)Days
  • Simple and flexible timer is more accurate than the real-time clock of the computer
  • LED Indications for Power and Relay status
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Independent settings for both ON Time & OFF Time
  • Wide Time Range
  • Power ON delay 5seconds.
  • Supports for Single/Three Phase Motor pumps
  • Single relay for Switch Type controls. Dual Relay(Start & Stop) for Starter type controls.
  • Input & Output Relay Contacts Connected to Industrial trade terminal block for easy connection. 
  • Better repeat accuracy
  • Long Life
  • Easy to install and wire,quick setting mode
  • Compact in size, light in weight
  • Advanced Embedded Technology
  • 12 Months Warranty
Input Power Supply Single Phase - AC 220V , Three Phase AC 440V
Internal Voltage 12V DC
Power Consumption 5 Watts
Power ON Delay 5 Seconds
Enclosure Plastic
Working Temperature -25° C to 80° C

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