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Water Level Controller with Cyclic Timer

Brand: RMG
Product Code: WLCWCT
Availability: In Stock
Rs. 2,299

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Water Level Controller with Cyclic Timer


            This water level controller is switching ON/OFF the motor pumps based on the cyclic ON/OFF set time along with water overflow & sump level sensors. You can set single ON & OFF time for the cyclic from minimum1 seconds to maximum 999 hours. In addition to that, it will also switch OFF the motor pump and stop run the timer when the tank is full or sump empty in case of sump users. The OFF timer will start run when the tank full led is OFF from ON or when the suimp OK led is ON from OFF. 

Product Description:

  • Power ON/OFF switch: This switch is provided at the bottom of the device to switch ON or switch OFF the controller unit.There is a power ON delay of 6 seconds.
  • Fuse: Auto cut off in event of any excessive current.
  • Motor ON: This led indicates Motor Pump is ON/OFF.
  • Tank Full: It indicates Tank is Full / Low.
  • Sump OK: It indicates Sump (under ground Tank) is Ok / empty.
  • ON Time: 
  1. ONSecond: Time ranges from 1 second to 999 Seconds.
  2. ONMinute:  Time ranges from 1 minute to 999 minutes.
  3. ONHour:     Time ranges from 1 hour to 999 hours.
  • OFF Time: 
  1. OFSecond: Time ranges from 1 second to 999 Seconds.
  2. OFMinute:  Time ranges from 1 minute to 999 minutes.
  3. OFHour:     Time ranges from 1 hour to 999 hours.

INPUT keys:

  1. SET key: It is used for entering the menu and to save the settings.
  2. NEXT key: It is used for moving to the NEXT options like Menu, Successive Locations.
  3. UP key: Used to set the values in date, time, password.

Salient Features :

  • Timer based ON & OFF. And auto OFF when tank is full / sump is empty.
  • 3 input keys for easy programming. 
  • Supports Wide input power supply AC 230 / 440 V.
  • Long Life
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for Any Type of AC motor (Single/Three phase motor - Monoblock, Jet Pump, Submersible,etc.)
  • It supports only with water float switch. 
  • No Electric Shock
  • Advanced Embedded Technology
  • 12 Months Warranty
Internal Voltage 12V DC
Sensor Supports Water Float Switch Only.
Power Consumption 8 Watts
Power ON Delay 6 Seconds
Signalling Distance Upto 300 meters
Type of Liquid Most Liquid
Enclosure Plastic Cabinet

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