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Street Light Timer

Brand: RMG
Product Code: SLT
Availability: In Stock
Rs. 2,699

Street Light Timer

          It is real time based timer which is used to control the street lights. It automatically switch on/off the street lights at the preset time. By using this timer, we can switch off the lights during the day time preventing power wastage unnecessarily. These street light timers has a wide range of application where it can be used with floodlights in railway yards, gardens or for straircase or parking lights, security lights, banking glow sign board, compound lights, outdoor lights. These timers are ideal for saving the electricity in day time. It has an inbuilt battery backup for 1000 hrs. It always shows real time on display. It has an having heavy duty relay output (30 AMPS) can connect 3000 W load directly.

Product Description:

  • Power ON/OFF switch: This switch is provided at the bottom of the device to switch ON or switch OFF the controller unit.
  • Fuse: Auto cut off in event of any excessive current.
  • Alpha numerical 2x16 LCD display: 
  1. Home Screen: It will display the current date and day on the first line. It shows the current time and status on the second line.
  2. Status in the LCD: It includes Auto / Manual, Relay ON / OFF. 
  • INPUT keys:
  1. SET key: It is used for entering the menu and to save the settings.
  2. NEXT key: It is used for moving to the NEXT options like Menu, Successive Locations.
  3. UP key: Used to set the values in date, time, password.

Salient Features :

  • Latest Micro controller based technology.
  • Contact Rating: 30 A heavy duty relay at 230 V AC for Outputs,
  • Programme: - ON Time / OFF Time, Real clock time RTC Based.
  • Connector: - 30 amps heavy duty, Load 3 KW directly.
  • Display Continues show Real. Time (Current Clock Time).
  • User friendly setting.
  • Auto /Manual Facility.
  • Load 3000 W Direct on Timer.
  • InBuilt Battery back up up to 1000 hrs.
  • High Accuracy Time Display .
  • 12 months Warranty


  • Street Lights / Garden Light / Factory Light / Stair case Light Switching 
  • Neon Sign Boards Switching 
Running Accuracy ± 1 second / day at 20°C
Input Power Supply AC 230V / 440V
Power Consumption 8 Watts
Power ON Delay 6 Seconds
Enclosure Plastic Cabinet

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