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Tank Only

Automatic water level controllers are a product that was created to automatically control a motor, which helps to ensure a constant reserve of water in a storage tank. These automatic water level controllers are used to automatically fill the over-head tank when it starts or has become empty as well as monitor the water level in it.

Automatic water level controllers switch the motor on whenever the water level drops below a certain level and shuts the motor off when the water rises well above a fixed level. The motor will also switch off when the sump water is exhausted before it fills the over-head tank, or if the pump is running dry as well as maintains voltage fluctuations. These are state of the art advanced, digital technology micro-controller based products. This system is quite versatile. There are also custom made variations such as control of multiple pumps or multiple tanks.

Water is a gift from the gods and it shouldn’t be wasted. In most houses, we have water tanks that are filled for regular and daily use of water. We will switch the water motor on and keep track of the 30 to 90 minutes for the tank to fill up. Sometimes, the water will fill the tank too fast or too slow, depending on the amount of water remaining in the tank. The rest of the storage tank water will be wasted. Sometimes, you have to take a bath, but your water tank is empty. In order to resolve this issue, there is the automatic water level controller.

Water level controller is suitable in case of, 

  • Borewell to Tank Setup
  • Corporation Line to Tank setup
  • Openwell to Tank Setup
  • Underground Water to Tank Setup
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