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Automatic Water Level Controller With Indicator for Motor Pump Upto 1.5 HP

Product Code: AWLC-140
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Automatic Water Level Controller with Indicator for Motor Pump Upto 1.5 HP

These controllers do not need operator for performing start and stop operations. This automatic water level controller switches ON the motor when the water level in the tank becomes low (desired prefixed lower limit). It switches OFF the motor once the tank becomes full (prefixed higher limit). The added feature of this model is four level indication for tank.

Product Description:

  • Power ON LED: It indicates the power supply to the unit.​​
  • Motor ON LED: t indicates the motor ON condition.
  • Tank Level Indication:  Four level visual indications – 25% (Low Level), 50%, 75% and 100% (Tank full level).
  • Manual/Auto mode switch:
  1. Auto mode: In AUTO mode, motor will automatically switch ON when the water level in the tank is low and automatically switch OFF when the tank becomes full.
  2. Manual Mode: Helps to switch ON the motor manually. In this mode, the motor will be constantly running.
  3. Semi-Automatic(Manual ON and Auto OFF) fucntion is acheived by changing this switch position from Manual mode to Auto mode.

Salient Features:

  • Visual indication - Power ON, Motor ON, Four water level indication.
  • Long Life
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for AC motor up to 1.5 hp (Single phase motor - Monoblock, Jet Pump, Submersible,etc.)
  • It supports Magnetic float switch/sensor, Contact type sensor 
  • Advanced Embedded Technology
  • 12 Months Warranty


  • Automatic water level controller is of much used in metro cities, bungalows, industries, hospitals and in luxurious apartments and homes. Use of this product saves water, saves electricity and saves time.
  • Useful in case of bore well to tank set up. 
  • Helps in preventing overflow of water from the overhead tank.
Input Power Supply Single Phase - AC 230V
Internal Voltage 12V DC
Sensor Support Magnetic Float, Contact Type
Low/High Voltage Cut Off Nil
Dry run Protection Nil
LED Level Indication Tank LED - 4 Levels Indication.
Low/High Level Alarm No
Power Consumption 5 Watts
Power ON Delay 6 Seconds
Depth of Tank Upto 6 meters
Signalling Distance Upto 300 meters
Type of Liquid Most Liquid
Enclosure Plastic cabinet

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